Episode 054: Code Hospitality

Nadia Odunayo talks about the idea of “code hospitality”: What you can do to be a good host, asking questions rather than passing judgement, and using READMEs to give context.

Episode 051: Creating Safer Spaces

Soo Choi talks about creating safer spaces at conferences and in workspaces, forgiving people without negatively labeling them, and having fierce conversations.

Commit Etiquette: git commit -m “considered impolite”

Andrew Mason is a Software Engineer at Yelp and an avid reader and podcast listener. He is an active participant in CodeNewbies and spends the little remaining free time writing Rust, scripts to automate menial tasks, and the occasional blog post. Ding! Ada’s¹  phone buzzed, telling her about a new JIRA² ticket assigned to her. It seemed like…

Episode 049: Technology For the Greater Good

We are joined by 19-year-old entrepreneur Reyn Aubrey to talk about building technology for the greater good, his startup PocketChange, habitizing donation, analyzing and collecting charity data, and anarchist organizing principles.

The Memory Archive Wayback Machine

This article was submitted by Greater Than Code panelist, Jameson Hampton. Jamey is a professional plant-liker (and senior software engineer) for Agrilyst and spends most of their spare time doing LGBTQ advocacy, making zines and thinking about Star Wars. A few days ago, when I was applying to speak at a conference, I went to…

Episode 048: Finding Our Lane

Marco Rogers joins the show to discuss engaging on social media, staying in your lane, and mixing social justice with your tech career.

DevOps: Focus on Culture but Don’t Ignore the Tools

A guest blog post from Mike Loukides, Vice President of Content Strategy for O’Reilly Media, Inc. The systems we build—whether they are technical, social, or organizational—are increasingly complex and distributed. We’ve reached a point where we can’t understand, see, or control all the moving parts, yet we are responsible for the resilience and performance of…