Episode 039: Scott Hanselman

We talk to Scott Hanselman, about struggling and prevailing, instilling systems thinking values on children, and being a teacher.

Diversity is Not the Magic Pill

by Jessica Kerr, a software developer at Atomist, Greater Than Code panelist, speaker, and mother. Check out her blog at blog.jessitron.com. I want my team to be diverse. Both for higher performance, and because it makes the world a better, fairer place. But diversity doesn’t magically lead to higher performance. I’ve been reading Journal of Organizational…

Shirts, Shirts, Shirts!

Are you Greater Than Code? We just used some of our Fund Club money to purchase 250 shirts to give away at conferences, Meetups, and to members of our Patron-supported Slack Community (which you should join!) But to guarantee you get one, here’s a way! By buying a shirt, all proceeds will go to Greater…

Episode 038: Dr. Eugenia Cheng

We talk about math, and even more specifically, category theory. Then we talk about changing the terminology around gender to focus on character traits instead.

Episode 037: Emily Gorcenski

Emily Gorcenski talks about data science, failure modes in software and in democracy, and open data and open science.

Episode 036: Matt Stine

Matt Stine joins us for a conversation that starts out about consulting and goes meta about ubiquitous language, metaphors, and microservices.

Episode 035: Laurie Voss

Laurie Voss joins us to talk about what goes on behind the scenes at NPM, including setting workplace culture, technical hiring, and organizing engineers.

Guest Post: Honesty, Kindness and Inspiration: Pick Three

by Jacob Stoebel, a software developer specializing in Ruby, JavaScript, and Python, and living in Berea, KY. He works and studies at Berea College and blogs over at jstoebel.com. Folks, we need to talk about a Tweet: Code review can be: • honest • nice Pick one… — I Am Devloper (@iamdevloper) May 16, 2017 As far…

Episode 033: Greg Baugues

Greg Baugues talks about how mental illness affected his life and early career as a software developer. Collectively, we discuss stigma, shame, fear, personal experiences, and coping mechanisms.