199: Toxicity in Tech with Amy Newell

September 9th, 2020 · 55 mins 14 secs

About this Episode

04:31 - Amy’s Superpower: Search Algorithms and Finding Things

  • Finding Things in Code
  • Visual vs Spacial Awareness

08:39 - Toxic Masculinity and Hierarchies in Engineering Roles

14:22 - Measuring Skill Advancement

  • The Individual Contributor (IC) vs Manager Track
  • Management vs Mentorship

21:02 - Congressive vs Ingressive

22:43 - Ways Toxicity Shows Up in The Workplace

29:07 - Unlearning and Psychological Safety

37:07 - The Word “Nontechnical”

  • Respecting Expertise
  • Skilled/Unskilled Labor: All Labor is Skilled Labor!

40:41 - Recognizing and Feeling Value


Jessica: Every person has a unique set of ways they can have an impact and best contribute.

Jamey: Feeling like you belong and realizing that others might not. Being aware of both mindsets.

Amy: The onus really should be on people who have power and privilege in any conversation to be doing most of the work to be aware of what I see vs what they see.

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