198: Learning From Failure with Ravs Kaur

September 2nd, 2020 · 1 hr 5 mins

About this Episode

02:30 - Rav’s Superpower: Learning to Learn

  • Success and Failure
  • Creating Environments Where It’s Safe to Fail
  • Exploring Ideas and Collecting Datapoints
  • Celebrating Feedback Cycles and Experiments

07:12 - Failing Fast – Getting Early Feedback Along the Way

  • Getting Over the “Being Polished” Hump
  • Learning for Self-Fulfilment

17:02 - Empathy as a Life Skill

  • Simulation
  • Empathy is Necessary to Learn Through Failure

26:40 - Uplevel: Empowering Engineers to do Their Best Work

31:49 - Productivity and Judgement Value

41:42 - Using Data to Measure Well-Being and/or Engagement


Rein: 1) We need to take human performance necessary. 2) Steven Shorrock’s Model of Change.

Jacob: Thinking more about ambient data.

Jamey: Failing fast.

Ravs: How do you know if you’ve built a great product if you don’t have a way to measure what people are clicking on and/or trying to find?

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