200: "Bad Code" with Damien Burke

September 16th, 2020 · 1 hr 3 mins

About this Episode

02:58 - Damien’s Superpower: Being able to hold contradictory beliefs at the same time.

  • Working in VERY Local Government (for the City of Los Angeles)

07:05 - What is “Bad Code”?

16:38 - What should you do with “Bad Code”?

  • Nothing? (I know it’s bad but it’s okay!)
  • Do it later? (If you can put it off and make it better later, put it off!)

19:12 - Working With Others: Agreeing on “Good Code”

  • Go-to Values
    • Can we understand this? Does it convey the meaning we want it to convey?
    • What is most communicative?

24:34 - Damien’s Background in Hypnosis

  • Speaking to the Subconscious
  • Prescriptivity: Judgement & Punishment

34:14 - Doing Things The Easy Way

  • Easy Doesn’t Necessarily Mean Fast

41:07 - Distinctions Between Teaching and Learning

  • Learning is Goal-Driven
  • Perfection
  • Numbers tell a story. Numbers can’t give you wisdom.

54:02 - Creating Shared Understanding (in code)


Jamey: 1) Doing things yourself. 2) I want code to be beautiful because I like things that are beautiful.

Rein: The importance of small changes.

Damien: The power of language and story and its’ application in the engineering world in a team and in the code you write.

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