110: Human Incident Response with Courtney Eckhardt

December 19th, 2018 · 1 hr 22 secs

About this Episode

RubyConf 2018 - Retrospectives for Humans by Courtney Eckhardt

01:16 – Courtney’s Superpower: Explaining things.

06:50 – Incident Response: How we talk to people how are are affected by incidents

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13:52 – Disabilities in the Workplace and Professional Spaces

20:25 – The Tension Between Accessibility and Security

23:20 – Developing Coping Skills in Response to a Troubled Childhood / Combatting the Feeling of Being Othered

29:16 – Incident Retrospectives and Defensiveness as a Natural Instinct to Feedback

35:29 – Showing Vulnerability

"In order to understand what another person is saying, you must assume it is true and try to imagine what it could be true of." - George Armitage Miller

43:56 – Emotional Response

Trauma and Recovery: The Aftermath of Violence--From Domestic Abuse to Political Terror

Mental Health First Aid


John: Trauma doesn’t stay in the past. Trauma has a continuous effect on our lives.

Coraline: Thinking about therapy and frame it as a blameless retrospective.

Sam: Referring to “post mortems” as “retrospectives” and buying the book Agile Retrospectives. (Future book club episode?!)

Jamey: Even if you’re not changing things in a higher level, you can still help on a direct level.

Courtney: Group therapy and handling retrospectives.

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