109: Tech Fashion Part 2 with Jaya Iyer of Svaha

December 12th, 2018 · 53 mins 9 secs

About this Episode

01:11 – Jaya’s Superpower: Changing situations for the better.

02:54 – What does it take to change things?

99 Percent Invisible - Pockets: Articles of Interest #3

06:37 – The Lack of Science and Technology-Themed Clothing (Especially for Children)

08:30 – How Personal of a Choice Clothing Is -- The Importance of Expressing Yourself and Shattering Stereotypes and Social Norms

25:07 – Breaking Existing Customer Feedback Systems in Order to Expand

30:06 – Starting a Business like Svaha

Svaha Kickstarter Campaign

39:03 – Coming in 2019....

41:34 – Business Challenges


John: How important it is to have clothing that can really express who you are and validate the parts of your identity that you want socially validated.

Rein: All opportunities are unique to everyone.

Jaya: The first time you fail does not mean you will fail every time. Never give up.

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