207: Investigation and Influence with Chelsea Troy

November 4th, 2020 · 55 mins 45 secs

About this Episode

03:36 - Chelsea’s Superpower: Software Detective Work

  • Grant-funded Organizations
  • Context Loss
  • Forensic Software Analysis
  • Software (Initially) Never Works ‼️

08:27 - Coding in Investigation Mode

  • Lucifer (TV Series)
  • Setting Up a Debugging Environment (Includes a Velociraptor Example!)

15:05 - Chelsea’s Techtivism Blog Series: Engineers Considering the Actions and Impact of Their Work Systematically

20:20 - The Power of Influence (See Techtivism 2)

  • Patronage: buying from or donating to an organization
  • Patronage Advocacy: convincing others to buy from/donate to an organization
  • Talent: devoting time and energy to an organization
  • Talent Advocacy: convincing others to devote their time and energy to an organization

26:57 - Making a Connection Between Values and Your Work as an Engineer

  • Privilege
  • The Status Quo
  • Incumbency

37:08 - Individual vs Collective Action

”A man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still.”

  • Confrontation
  • Avoidance


Amy: The ways people can be both confrontational and avoidant at the same time.

Damien: How what we do impacts larger systems and how we can move entire societies.

Chelsea: The degree to which our fallibility creates the positions we get to occupy and what that means about the grace that we need to have about the fallibility of other people.

Jessica: Chelsea is awesome!

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