208: Who Tells Your Story? with Janeen Uzzell

November 11th, 2020 · 57 mins 26 secs

About this Episode

01:42 - Janeen’s Superpower: Storytelling

  • The Importance of Who Tells Your Story
  • Accountability
  • Generalizations Are Harmful
  • Responsibility

07:56 - The Wikimedia Foundation

  • Trust and Safety Team
  • Thriving Movement

11:04 - Empowering Communities To Tell Their Stories

19:53 - Creating a Wikipedia Page

22:07 - Approaching and Engaging Youth

27:10 - Staying Connected As An Organization

34:56 - Remote Working and Fostering/Maintaining Community

39:11 - Encouraging and Influencing Participation

47:31 - Janeen’s Move From Working at General Electric (GE) to The Wikimedia Foundation


Chanté: Making differences one edit at a time.

Jamey: The importance of mentorship as something that is empowering.

Rein: When a small system interacts with a larger system, it’s hard to change the larger system without being changed yourself.

Jessica: Greater Than Code as an open conversation.

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