206: Conscious Teaching and Learning with Brian Hogan

October 28th, 2020 · 59 mins 7 secs

About this Episode

02:11 - Brian’s Superpower: Being Able to Teach People Stuff

  • Guiding Learners Towards Outcomes and Success
  • Connecting with Students on a Deeper Level
  • Active Learning

13:15 - Building Relationships

  • Adults vs Kids
  • Tapping Into Individual Motivation

18:34 - Learning Useful, Real-World Material

31:39 - Constructive and Interactive Learning

37:12 - Conversation Theory

43:27 - Teaching Vs Mentoring

  • Mentoring is a Deeper/Closer Relationship
  • Being Open to and Honoring Feedback
  • Teaching and Learning Are Activities, Not Roles


Jacob: There isn’t enough content that is in the category of, “Here’s a problem for you, go solve it,” to learn.

Jamey: Identifying things (i.e. hobbies) that get other people excited and motivated to learn.

Rein: Often the best way to learn something is to teach it, and often the best thing for a teacher to do is get out of the way and find ways to support the learners.

Brian: The need for more complex problems to learn things.

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