105: Code Switching with Maurice Cherry

November 14th, 2018 · 1 hr 7 mins

About this Episode

01:49 – Maurice’s Superpower: Extreme Empathy

Function Podcast w/ Anil Dash

04:06 – Code Switching

13:21 – Creating and Fostering Safe Conference Environments

19:34 – Overcoming Feelings of Discomfort

22:16 – Human Decisions in Software: Why We Should Care

31:57 – Trust: How We’ve Lost It and How Should We Re-establish It?

A Developer Relations Bill of Rights


41:24 – Establishing Trust in a Company From the Ground Up: Glitch

47:03 – Diversity in Design and Shifting Your Mindset From a Creator to a Chronicler

Kim Goulbourne

Ekpemi Anni

Senongo Akpem   


John: It’s useful to think about code switching in context of my own behavior and using it as a practice for increasing empathy by trying to determine if other people are code switching in a certain situation.

Janelle: Putting myself in an outsider situation.

Jess: Storytelling and experience creating.

Astrid: Parents encouraging young creators.

Maurice: We all have more work to do and we all have privileges we are blind to.
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