106: Taking Up Space with Laurie Barth

November 21st, 2018 · 58 mins 50 secs

About this Episode

01:20 – Laurie’s Superpower: Being a Timesuck

Impostor Syndrome

08:44 – Interviewing and Hiring Developers Effectively

12:24 – Creating False Negatives: Turning Down Candidates Prematurely

18:11 – Interviewing: Working With Existing Codebases and Asking Questions About Values

RailsConf 2018: The Code-Free Developer Interview by Pete Holiday

22:59 – How ^ Advice Pertains to Different Sized Companies

25:54 – Getting the Entire Team Involved in Hiring Processes: People First, Technology Second

29:05 – YOU CAN USE GOOGLE!!! (It’s Not Cheating!)

33:55 – Coding: Smartness vs Patience; Coming From Non-Coding Backgrounds (and why it’s a good thing!)

Set Design: Putting the "Art" in "Architecture" by Betsy Haibel

45:14 – Learning: Skill or Mindset? / Overcoming Demoralization and Overwhelm

Everything Is Broken, and It's OK - John Sawers

49:43 – Keeping a Developer Journal and Dealing with Past Development Baggage


Laurie: Check out the talks we’ve linked to! Also, working together to make our industry not just accessible, but livable, enjoyable, and exciting.

Jamey: Refining the interviewing and hiring process and thinking about how we evaluate the people we talk to.

John: Take up space and demand the attention that you need.

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