167: Clarity of Thought with Ted M. Young

January 29th, 2020 · 1 hr 1 min

About this Episode

01:20 - Ted’s Superpower: Translating things for people to understand better.

02:49 - Coding on a Live Stream

  • Curiosity is Useful and Dangerous
  • Comparing Coding to Puzzles

07:13 - Research is a Drug

  • Finding Answers is Gratifying
  • Current Reading Infects Daily Thought
  • Anders Ericsson

10:45 - Connecting the Academic Idea of Expertise to Everyday Context

  • Worked Examples
  • Memory Limits
  • Gaining a Solid Foundation for Training Purposes
  • The Path of Decision-making

16:50 - Code Reviews

  • Learning About Decisions Made Along the Way
  • Pair Programming and Mob Programming
  • Externalizing Your Thinking
  • Curse of Knowledge

19:41 - Recording Yourself Coding/Learning Something New

  • Gaining Empathy
  • Improving Documentation and Communication

21:56 - Live Streaming as an Introvert

  • What Other People Get Out of It
  • Seeing People Struggle and Being Able to Help
  • We All Get Lost
  • Building Community
  • Being Comfortable Showing Frustration

29:41 - The Difference Between Training and Live Coding

  • Suz Hinton
  • Accountability in Live Coding
  • Privilege

35:35 - Applying Research to TDD Teaching Technique

48:27 - Human Learning

  • Stop Teaching People What They Know and Find Out What They Don’t Know


Jamey: ‘Predictions’ in TDD - Having more succinct language for things in your head strengthens understanding.

Artemis: The concept of strengthening and muscle. If we can work deliberately on strengthening these muscles then in the moments of our everyday work we can improve the quality of our day to day decisions.

Ted: An aspect of expertise is you start connecting more things. We have to find a place for the ‘why.’

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