168: Appolition with Dr. Kortney Ziegler

February 5th, 2020 · 1 hr 1 min

About this Episode

01:06 - Kortney’s Superpower: Being a visionary. Seeing things that aren’t necessarily there.

01:50 - How Appolition Came to Be

  • Grassroots Company Crowdfunding Money for Incarcerated Black Mothers
  • Tweeted About Using the Change Round Up Model
  • Educating Those in Tech About What Bail Is
  • Gaining Trust

07:20 - Kortney’s Professional Background

  • Building Things in Technological Space
  • PhD in 2011 - difficulty finding substantial employment
  • Filmmaker, Scholar
  • Encountered a lot of discrimination in professional career
  • Became Entrepreneur in 2012/2013
  • Attended Filmmakers Hackathon
  • Launched Trans*H4CK
  • Appolition

13:10 - Appolition Specifics

  • Bail is Predatory
  • Educate Yourself About Bail
  • Partnered With Outside Team
  • 2000 Users, Waitlist of 8000
  • Then Brought In House
  • Unlimited Users
  • Web App - No Download Required

19:45 - Partnering With Others To Provide Education

21:00 - Surprises/Ah-Ha Moments

  • The Expenses
  • Humbling to Recognize the Work That Goes Into It
  • Naming of the App Traveling in Media Convos

25:10 - The Goal of Appolition

  • How We Can Leverage Technology That Exists

30:00 - Lessons From A Hackathon

  • Went As Award Winning Filmmaker
  • Engineers Not Willing to Hear Ideas of Creators
  • Led to Creating Trans*H4CK
  • Refuge Restroom

35:19 - Changes Seen At Tech Events Since Trans*H4CK

  • Great Conversations and Events Happened
  • Startups Can Shift Rules, They Haven’t been As Inclusive As the Discourse Surrounding Them Was Encouraging Them To Be
  • Some Things Were Good, Some Things Were Bad, Some Things Need Improvement

43:08 - Plans After Leaving Tech

  • Getting Back to Creative Side
  • Filmmaking
  • Self-Improvement

45:49 - Fatigue

50:00 - Future Endeavors


Jamey: Appolition being a webapp so that it is accessible to those who don’t have smartphones.

Chanté: Going back into self improvement and self reflection is being tucked into the back of my mind.

Jacob: What are conversations I can have that I have access to about diversity and inclusion before the professional gets called in.

Kortney: Moved by the idea of finding community in tech.

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