166: From Software Engineer to Management with Phil Wheeler

January 22nd, 2020 · 1 hr 2 mins

About this Episode

01:10 - Phil’s Superpower: Putting Himself in Others’ Shoes.

02:03/09:14 From Software Engineer to Management

  • Empathy Through The Career Shift
  • The Learning Curve
  • Making a Conscious Choice To Switch
  • Gaining Leadership Skills
  • Making Your Own Opportunities

03:34 - How Phil Came Into The Greater Than Code Community

05:54 - Commonalities Between Issues Between USA and NZ

  • Inclusion, Equality in Technology

07:05 - Life Science Software Experience

  • Cloud Based, LT
  • Awareness of Accessibility

16:45 - To Get Into Management or Not

18:55 - The Parallels Of Management And Parenting

26:17 - Working From Home Or The Office

  • Setting The Right Examples For The Team
  • Encouraging People To Take Leave, Learning And Development Opportunities, Health Reasons Without Repercussions

31:47 - Living In A College/University Town

32:54 - Overcoming Impostor Syndrome

35:58 - Empathy For Managers And Employees

51:11 - Phil’s Thoughts For The Future


Jacob: Happy being an individual contributor but contributing to the art of management by being a better employee and having empathy for managers.

Phil: Self-Awareness and empathy. Wanting to push his people in a certain direction but taking that step back and determining where that motivation is coming from.

Chanté: Impostor syndrome: at some point in time we’re all impostors. Doing reading about leadership can help whether you are taking that path or not.

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