101: A Difficult Conversation with Sonia Gupta

October 17th, 2018 · 53 mins 39 secs

About this Episode

02:02 – Sonia’s Superpower: Talking about white supremacy and dealing with the fallout.

05:27 – Feeling Rightness and Motivation to Stand Up for Your Beliefs

10:15 – Seeing Your Advocacy and Efforts Make a Difference

12:17 – When People Disagree

16:26 – Ingroup vs Outgroup Empathy

21:17 – Intersectionality

White Fragility: Why It's So Hard for White People to Talk About Racism

26:07 – Navigating Situations with Empathy

28:25 – Staying In Your Own Lane While Advocating For and Amplifying Others

35:39 – Educating Yourself About Race

So You Want to Talk About Race

Other Resources from Sonia:

38:39 – Doing The Work


Jessica: The place for these conversations is not Twitter!

Coraline: Personalizing advocacy.

Jamey: Our advocacy is powerful because it comes from a place of passion.

John: The fixed vs growth mindset in regards to racism.

Sonia: We can all be advocates and we can all be actors.

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