181: Normalcy Theater with Aaron Aldrich

May 6th, 2020 · 56 mins 7 secs

About this Episode

02:04 - Aaron’s Superpower: Relating to people on any level because he has so many hobbies!

  • Useful in DevRel
  • Ending Up in Unexpected Places
  • Trying New Things and Nerding Out

06:42 - Everything Has a Technical Aspect

  • Music vs Computer Programming
  • Computer Systems as Sociotechnical Systems

10:37 - Connecting High-Performing Resilient Teams

14:14 - Implementing Purposeful/Intentional Communication

17:55 - Highlights from Failover Conf - (Videos not available)

19:45 - How did an actual virtual conference go since COVID-19?

  • Slack Implementation
    • Bots
    • #Hallway-track channel
    • Each Talk Had Its’ Own Q&A Channel
  • Challenges
    • People Interaction
    • Breaktime
    • Technical Difficulties
  • Zoom Chat After the Conference
  • Deserted Island DevOps

26:27 - The Impact of Having ADHD

  • Advanced Forms of Coping Mechanisms
  • Quality Time
  • Struggling with ADHD During COVID-19
  • Working From Home and Being Thrown Into Remote Work
  • Juggling Meetings
  • Maintaining Comradery

39:43 - Normalcy Theater: Maintaining a Sense That Everything is Fine (When It’s NOT.)

  • Grief and Loss is Happening on a Global Level
  • J. Paul Reed
    • Shed Load
    • Sacrificing Thoroughness: we are ALL overloaded
    • Recruiting Resources
    • Shifting Work and Time
  • Showing Others Grace and Empathy


John: The idea of a software team plays at software just like a music group plays at instruments. (Twitter thread)

Carina: Everything has technical and human skills aspects.

Aaron: It’s okay to not be getting things done right now and to be taking the time that we need to take care of ourselves.

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