179: Conference Magic with PJ Hagerty

April 22nd, 2020 · 1 hr 13 mins

About this Episode

02:43 - PJ’s Superpower: Convincing people that karaoke is a good idea.

  • PJ’s Karaoke History
  • Why Karaoke is Awesome

07:13 - The DevRel World (DevRel = Developer Relations)

13:42 - Online vs In-Person/Live Conferences

  • Body Language and Delivery
  • Hallway Track: Is not a literal 'track.' It's all the interactions, conversations, talk follow-up, etc. that happen at a conference outside of the formal schedule. Hallway tracks are when people interact socially about the issues being discussed at the event. For instance, between talks or over lunch. Most hallway track conversations are open and casual. Sometimes hallway track conversations inspire a future lightning talk, Ignite talk, panel discussion, or full talk.
  • Can you emulate an in-person conference online?
  • Luck and Visibility

25:54 - Making Conferences Diverse & Inclusive

  • Putting People on Stage That Don’t Look Like You
  • Passing on “Lucky” to Others

33:01 - Prompt and Talking About Mental Health

43:10 - Making Conferences Diverse & Inclusive (Cont’d)

54:14 - Accessibility

  • Time and Monetary Expenses
  • Conferencing in the time of COVID-19

PJ's First Ever Full Talk at RubyMidwest: Act Locally - Think Globally


Carina: The exaggerated visual of putting a hand down and throwing people into the air to lift them up.

Jamey: Holding onto the feeling of being lucky while feeling awful.

Jessica: Getting pushes to make output.

PJ: Be a Jim Weirich. Have a “Hello World” attitude. Human connection is important.

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