078: Caring About Healthcare with Kenzi Connor and Laurie Voss

May 2nd, 2018 · 55 mins 37 secs

About this Episode

02:01 – Superpowers: Kenzi = Consensus Building; Laurie: Confuging Apache Quickly

Conversation Context

03:35 – Trans-Inclusive Policy at npm and Cloud City



12:41 – Determining Whether Insurance is Trans-Friendly

“Transgender insurance benefits employer guide” Google Search

The Transgender Law Center

15:16 – Biases Exist in Healthcare

Broken Arm Syndrome

20:54 – The Problem with Primary Care Physicians and Care

26:44 – Feedback from Doctors

32:00 – Why This Topic is Becoming More Commonplace and Important in Society

37:39 – Trans-Inclusive Healthcare as a Business Advantage for Companies

42:22 – How To Be an Ally in the Fight for Trans-Inclusive Healthcare

46:37 – What can primary care doctors do to signal they care about these issues?


Laurie: Do the legwork for your trans employees.

John: Once you cover the edge cases, it makes the happy path even happier.

Coraline: The additional challenges of non binary people.

Kenzi: We have a responsibility as tech workers when we are building the system to be better about it.

Carina C. Zona: Schemas for the Real World

Jessica: You can’t come out as something you don’t know exists.

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