077: Creating Space to Shine with Anjuan Simmons

April 25th, 2018 · 59 mins 11 secs

About this Episode

RubyConf 2017: Lending Privilege by Anjuan Simmons

01:18 – Anjuan’s Superpower: Flexibility

04:55 – Cultivating Variety on Teams

08:22 – What makes a great team?

13:46 – Empowering Others

19:21 – Culture Fit

21:24 – The Tension Between Structure and Agency

24:35 – Creating Space for People to Shine

33:46 – Responses to “Weirdness”

38:27 – Building Constructive and Authentic Relationships with People

41:12 – Having Visible Differences on Teams

43:53 – “Othering”

49:29 – Earning Trust by Listening to People


Sam: Safety can improve teams and lead to wonderful harmonies.

Rein: Building caring and genuine relationships with other people and valuing them for who they are.

Janelle: Getting to know people and giving them space to take off their masks to be their unique selves.

Anjuan: Safety is a foundational aspect of life.

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