176: Career Karma with Ruben Harris

April 1st, 2020 · 52 mins 35 secs

About this Episode

01:44 - Ruben’s Superpower: Believing in people more than they believe in themselves and helping people to meet their potential.

03:00 - How Ruben Developed His Superpower

  • Natural Belief In Self
  • Father and Mother’s Example

06:35 - Benefits Of Being Underestimated

  • Conquering Challenges
  • Career Karma Coaches And Squads

11:15 - Career Karma Success Story

13:50 - Fires Lit Inside

15:03 - Origin Of Career Karma

18:10 - How Career Karma Secured Funding

23:38 - What Makes The Success Of Career Karma Different

  • Culture of Experimentation

25:25 - What It Feels Like To Know You Are Doing What You Are Meant To Be Doing

  • Pay Attention To The Patterns In Your Life

31:21 - Impact of Coronavirus

36:15 - Who Will Benefit From Remote Work

38:00 - The Career Karma Team

  • Pay It Forward

42:30 - If You Want To Be A Master In Life, You Have To Submit To A Master

44:30 - What’s On The Horizon For Career Karma

48:20 - The Biggest Lesson Ruben Has Learned Thus Far


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