177: Source Docs and People with Chris Stead

April 8th, 2020 · 55 mins 5 secs

About this Episode

00:56 - Chris’ Superpower: Not Knowing In Public

  • Asking Questions

02:53 - Source Documents and Their Relation To People

06:44 - Encouraging Others To Write Code For People

12:39 - Naming Things in Code / Narratives in Software and Business

18:53 - Asking the Right Questions

22:38 - Interviewing for the Benefit of the Interviewee

  • The Problem with Being Transactional
  • It’s People All The Way Down
  • Empathetic Interviewing

33:44 - Treating People as People; Making Things More Humane

38:23 - Code Stores Emotion

  • Measuring Progression
  • The Valley of Despair

45:19 - Deciding: “Will this be helpful for someone else?”


Jessica: The idea that code can convey emotions. Even code can be Greater Than Code.

John: Structuring interviews with goals around comfort and familiarity so people can perform at their best.

Jamey: Imbuing things with the feeling when you wrote it.

Chris: If you’re feeling frustrated, kind is great. Also, everything is a systemic whole.

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