175: Developing for the Long Term with Eric A. Meyer

March 25th, 2020 · 1 hr 6 mins

About this Episode

00:57 - Eric’s Superpower: The Ability To Explain Things In A Way That Makes Sense To Most People

02:37 - Legacy Capability Of The Web

  • Web Technologies Are Long Term
  • Frameworks
  • Lynx
  • Y2K

11:30 - Creating Long Term Within Frameworks

  • Static Can Be Good

15:50 - Ethical Dimensions

  • Information Accessible As Widely As Possible
  • Long Term vs. Short Term Code

20:50 - Longevity Of The Web

23:11 - Edge Cases - Stress Cases

25:44 - Make Everything Accessible To The Most People

  • Diverse Teams Are Stronger
  • Making Assumptions
  • Write People Off Explicitly

44:00 - Design For Real Life

  • Challenging Team Assumptions
  • The Designated Dissenter
  • Sarah Parmenter @sazzy


John: The designated dissenter idea. Doing a pre-mortem on a project - planning ahead.

Carina: A whole other conversation could come of the philosophy of agile and move fast and break things.

Jacob: How the dissenter could be a challenging position to be in.

Eric: The dissenter is stress testing, not criticizing.

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