169: Career Elbows

February 12th, 2020 · 1 hr 1 min

About this Episode

01:49 - Rein Talks About His Recent Career Transition From Being a Consultant to a Full-Time Employee

03:52 - Jamey Talks About the Decision to Leave Their Job

  • Making The Decision To Leave Your Comfort Zone

05:34 - Pros and Cons of Staying for Job Stability and Comfort

13:20 - Resilience and Regulatory Mechanisms

15:59 - Interviews

20:20 - Job Success and Effort

22:22 - Safety and Resilience

26:05 - Interview Anxiety

  • Who You Know
  • Group Bias

30:25 - Team Creating/Building

38:04 - Feeling Comfortable in Tech

  • Privileges of Being in the Field
  • Switching Career Paths

47:20 - Visualize How You Will Feel Working Somewhere

  • Analytical vs. Emotional Decision Making

50:08 - No One in Tech is an Expert in Human Performance - Interviewing

  • Ask Questions of the Interviewer
  • Being the One That Gets to Make the Decision
  • Avdi on the Interview Process - We Should be Able to Speak Up

58:25 - Discovering How to Make Better Systems

  • Tell More Stories

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