173: The Ethical Open Source Movement

March 11th, 2020 · 46 mins 19 secs

About this Episode

02:22 - Coraline Talks About Her Work With The Open Source Movement

08:14 - Who Wrote The Open Source License

  • The Libertarian Platform
  • Balancing Our Individual Freedoms With Societal Good

10:26 - The Open Source Initiative

11:25 - Licensing And The Evolution Of Open Source

18:43 - Litigation Thoughts

  • Promoting Arbitration Over Litigation
  • Advantages Of Adopting The License
  • Putting The Power In The Hands Of The Creators

23:31 - Creators’ Rights

  • Corporations Are Benefiting From The Free Labor Of The Community

26:00 - Tying The Hippocratic License To Open Source

28:48 - Other Prongs Of Approach Other Than The License

  • Scholarship

30:50 - Coraline’s Candidacy For The OSI Board

34:00 - What Open Source Means To The Panelists

38:50 - The Concept Of Community

  • How Maintainers Have Changed Their Relationships With Communities
  • Writing Values And Aspirations In Codes Of Conduct



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