172: Limitations of Human Knowledge with Miko Matsumura

March 4th, 2020 · 1 hr 5 mins

About this Episode

02:12 - Miko’s Superpower: Not Knowing Things.

03:30 - Coming To Your Senses

  • Breaking Out Of Thinking
  • Detecting - Venture Capitalism
  • Pattern Making And Pattern Matching

06:45 - Understand The Limits Of What You Can Know And What You Do Know

  • Knowing People
  • Knowing Industries
  • Most Humans Don’t Know A Lot Of Things
  • Impermanence

11:45 - Human Decision Making Is An Embodied Process

18:30 - Interviews As Coachable And Teachable Moments

  • The Gig Economy
  • Prioritizing The Development Of Relationships
  • Exhibited Behaviors That Match Patterns Are Coachable And Teachable

25:33 - Problems With The Interview Framework

29:23 - Human Action Is Connected To Emotion

  • The Human Brain

34:30 - Not Knowing As A Superpower

39:56 - Small Mind, Big Mind

  • Losing Your Mind And Coming To Your Senses

45:50 - Being Over Reliant On The Posture Of Knowing

50:16 - The Notion Of Marriage


Jessica: Favorite part is the idea that if we think we know something, that leads to despair sometimes. The release of admitting we don’t know everything is a source of hope.

Jacob: Feeling like I’m known personally and professionally is important to me, but being known in a deterministic way resonated with me.

Artemis: The Bob Marley principle that was mentioned. Thinking about that philosophy connects with the ideas we talked about. When you realize all the intelligence that is out there, thinking of how small you are. If we can lose our mind and come back to our senses and see that we are part of this fabric, we’re not really all that different.

Miko: “You can’t fool all the people all the time.” It is a way of connecting with the world of limitation.

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