108: Tech Fashion Part 1 with Kayte Malik of Dress Code

December 5th, 2018 · 45 mins 40 secs

About this Episode

00:57 – Kayte’s Superpower: Taking Something That Doesn’t Exist & Making It Real

02:12 – Having Confidence

06:45 – Paying Closer Attention to Your Accomplishments


08:30 – Dress Code at a Tactical Level

11:43 – The Intersection of Fashion and Coding

10 Cloverfield Lane

15:52 – Wearable Technology and Biotechnology

17:09 – Creation and Paving The Way For Women in Tech

23:17 – In-Home Coding Parties/Pop Up Shops

26:37 – Program and Course Feedback

29:57 – Debunking The Myth That Technology, Science, and STEM is For Boys

34:53 – Sign up to be find out about Holiday Promotions!

37:00 – The Gift of Innovation: Tech for Marginalized People and Communities

39:55 – Coming in 2019....


John: Framing coding as an in-home, fun, party activity vs a classroom activity.

Coraline: Focusing on your accomplishments and building confidence through positive self-talk.

Kayte: Fashion tech and retail tech is exciting!

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