165: Rubyfmt with Penelope Phippen

January 15th, 2020 · 53 mins 54 secs

About this Episode

01:37 - Penelope’s Superpower: An extremely cursed knowledge of the Ruby programming language’s grammar.

03:09 - Writing Ruby Programming

05:50 - Why Penelope is Doing This the Way She Is

  • Were Any Bugs Found in the Ruby Grammar
  • There is No Spec
  • There is No Written Standard for How Ruby is Supposed to Work

07:32 - Inability to Extract Parse.y Out

  • Penelope’s Ideas

12:02 - What Problem Penelope is Trying to Solve With This Program

  • Rubocop Doesn’t Well Solve This Problem

18:30 - Hierarchy of Nitpicking

20:35 - Opportunities for Collaboration

22:44 - Major Challenges Faced

  • Finding Time
  • No Major Challenges
  • Community Overwhelmingly Welcoming
  • This is Not a Gem

25:58 - What Others Will Do With Rubyfmt

28:08 - Finding Time and Motivation to Work on Rubyfmt

30:00 - Why Penelope Hasn’t Got Pushback

  • There Isn’t Another Tool in This Class for Ruby

34:25 - Heretically Creating An Ergonomic Way To Work With ASTs

37:00 - The Fate of Regional Ruby Conferences

  • Regional Conferences Are Valuable For Other People
  • Speakers Can Get Their Start
  • Local Conferences Can Benefit Local Speakers
  • Struggling to Get Speakers
  • Organizers Burnout and No One Takes Over
  • $$ - Hard to Break Even

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