Fast & Furious with Penelope Phippen

January 15th, 2020 · 10 mins 18 secs

About this Episode

Please enjoy this mini-episode of Greater Than Code featuring guest Penelope Phippen as we begin to pivot to our new podcast theme, the Fast & Furious. *

( * Just kidding, we are still a tech podcast.)

But we do hope you enjoy this set of outtakes where we grill Penelope on her Fast & Furious knowledge and speculate about the future of the franchise.)

This is the kind of content we normally release exclusively to our Patreon subscribers, but we didn't want to hoard such joy, so it's a gift to all of you. But if you want more content like this, an invite to our Slack group, AND an invite to the Fast & Furious party at Jamey's house, please support us on Patreon! *

( * That is also a joke, if you're a Patron, thank you for your support, but please don't show up to Jamey's house unannounced.)

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