164: Psychological Balance with Dr. Mireille Reece

January 8th, 2020 · 1 hr 24 mins

About this Episode

01:14 - Mireille’s Superpower: Being just herself. The sense of respect around the individuality of every person.

02:30 - Being Different From Others is a Good Thing

05:59 - Our Brains and Empathy

11:15 - The Brain vs. The Mind

19:22 - Three Brains in One

21:51 - HPA Axis

23:06 - Overcoming Unconscious Impulses

26:56 - Affective Prosody

33:26 - Balancing Transparency at Work

48:41 - Effort Over Outcome

56:15 - Using the Word “While”

59:25 - Decoding Your Anger

  • Using Energy

01:05:28 - “Plays” or Neural Routes

01:09:20 - Correlation vs. Causation


Rein: Bringing our whole self to work without thinking about punishment or reprisal. Finding psychological safety.

Jacob: How he thinks one of the biggest problems in the tech industry is that there is this brick wall around feelings and how feelings and work don’t mix. Rather than a brick wall, what kind of filter can we put in front of our emotional lives that is appropriate for the professional world?

Mireille: It really is around being able to see other people as people and when we do that most of the time people are not trying to make our lives more difficult.

Check out Mireille’s podcast Brain Science here.

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