Episode 031: Retrospectives and Agile Fluency with Diana Larsen

May 3rd, 2017 · 50 mins 24 secs

About this Episode

** This conversation stems from an earlier episode when Janelle joined the panel: Episode 028: Brains, Feedback Systems, Demons, and Goats.

02:03 – Retrospectives **


11:07 – Documenting Feelings and Emotions

17:40 – Following Through With and Solving Action Plans

20:08 – Focusing, Lists of Action, and “Best Practices”

30:27 – What is value in the context of software development? / Measuring Waste

33:39 – Taking Things in Small, Bite-sized Pieces: Refactoring

Mob Programming

55:58 – Agile Fluency **

Your Path through Agile Fluency on Martin Fowler’s Blog


Janelle: Thinking about the focusing step and how much effort goes into those things versus the benefits of focusing on things from the recent past. Taking human emotions into consideration.

Diana: Managing learning and collecting data, and issues around value.

Sam: Different forms and cycles of feedback.

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