Episode 032: Curation vs Algorithms: Who Is Writing Our History? with Amy Unger

May 10th, 2017 · 55 mins 10 secs

About this Episode

Amy Unger: @cdwort | Heroku

00:16 – Welcome to “JIRA Card Catalogs and The People Who Love Them” …we mean, “Greater Than Code!”

01:05 – Superpower Origin Story, Growing Up with a Computer in the Family, and Being a Teenager

Unlocking the Clubhouse: Women in Computing by Jane Margolis and Allan Fisher

08:30 – Humanities and History

10:39 – Access to and Preservation of Literacy (Who is writing our history?)

15:03 – Categorizing Information and Making it Accessible…But, Also Privacy?

17:21 – Reliance on Google as the “Defacto Archive”?

19:49 – Digital Records (Algorithms) vs Human Curation

24:10 – What can librarians and library science offer a company?: Information Architecture

27:32 – Algorithm Manipulation, Social Engineering, and Information Security

32:24 – Whose stories are we collecting, archiving, and making available to the public?

Tragedy of the Commons

41:09 – “Meme Hacking”, Getting Involved, and Owning Your Own Story


Rein: Manufacturing Consent: Noam Chomsky and the Media

Sam: How economics and politics rear their ugly heads unexpectedly.

Coraline: Who is responsible for our history?

Jessica: The vast amounts of data we have and what we choose to preserve.

Amy: Consider the possibility of working in the public sector.

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