201: Real Rebels Pay Their Taxes with Nils Norman Haukås

September 23rd, 2020 · 1 hr 4 mins

About this Episode

02:58 - Nils’ Superpower: Storytelling

  • Practicing Presentation
  • Company/Employer-Sponsored Skill Training (such as storytelling/public speaking)
  • Taking Courses Unrelated to Your Own Skillset

09:39 - Deleting Code

  • Tension Around Deleting or Refactoring Others’ Code
  • Etiquette Around ^
  • Sharing Codebases

20:17 - Is it ethical to invest time in learning and using technologies from companies that pay little or no taxes?

29:14 - What Can We Do About the Centralization of Power in Large Corporations?

  • Wanting an Alternative
  • Developer Purchasing Power
  • Nix VC Funding
  • Move Away From Framework-Thinking
  • Less Competition Between Competitors
  • Learning the Basics

53:18 - Using Tools for Free as Forms of Support

  • Alternative Cost


John: Treating tax avoidance as a social negative.

Jacob: Not feeling pressure to use the next new, hot thing.

Nils: Practice arguing this problem. Software development is still an incredibly young field.

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