Nils Norman Haukås

Special guest

Nils Norman Haukås was born and raised in rural Tysvær, Norway. These days he's living and working in rainy Bergen, where he deletes and writes code for the digital design agency Netlife Design.

In his coding work, Nils makes use of his academic background which includes user experience design, human-computer interaction, and business development. These days he works comfortably from backend to frontend, doing everything from server provisioning to optimizing SQL queries, to architecting applications, to general web development and animating with CSS.

Beyond just making stuff work, he thinks a lot about software in relation to society. Our lives are mediated by software, we live immersed in it. We've become the fish swimming in software, barely noticing the water around us. Nils believes software developers need to consider the ethical implications of the software that we write and make use of.

When he's not pondering on software, Nils can be found playing capoeira, writing poetry, playing computer games, or dancing salsa. Coding is a lot of fun, but there's a lot to a life worth living and doing.

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