050: Open Source Anarchism with Steve Klabnik

October 11th, 2017 · 1 hr 3 mins

About this Episode

00:16 – Welcome to “Greater Than Crabmeat” …we mean, “Greater Than Code!”

01:02 – Steve’s Background, Origin Story, and Superpowers!


06:00 – Contributing to Open Source

why the lucky stiff

Hackety Hack

Why’s (Poignant) Guide to Ruby

11:07 – Succession Planning

The Meme Hustler

20:12 – Organizing Groups of People in a Non-Authoritarian Way

Mikhail Bakunin: What is Authority?

The RFC Process in Rust


36:23 – Avoiding Using Language with Political Connotation

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39:46 – Is anarchy equally accessible to everyone or is it only accessible/available to a privileged class?

43:11 – Problems with One-upmanship and “Shittalking” in Communities

Aurynn Shaw: Contempt Culture

50:39 – Seeking Out Different Environments and Building Environments People Want


Jamey: Leadership and how important it is to not put too much power in the hands of a few people.

Rein: How do you build systems of governance that don’t depend for their success on the goodness of the rulers?

Lorena: How do we learn to speak with others in ways that are inviting and create a safe space for us all?

Coraline: The notion of intentionality.

Steve: Jargon and exclusion.

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