143: Indigenous Data Sovereignty with Keoni Mahelona

August 14th, 2019 · 1 hr 8 mins

About this Episode

01:20 - Keoni’s Background and Superpower: Building things quickly.

03:57 - Respect for Indiginous Cultures + Community + People

08:55 - Ownership of Data

14:52 - Learning Māori

18:59 - Indigenous Data Sovereignty

Data as a Strategic Resource: Self-determination, Governance, and the Data Challenge for Indigenous Nations in the United States

Indigenous Data Sovereignty: Toward an agenda (Centre for Aboriginal Economic Policy Research (CAEPR)) (Volume 38)

31:16 - History: The U.S. Occupation of The Kingdom of Hawaii

36:58 - Creating a License to Protect Data Sovereignty

41:45 - Sharing Data Responsibly

47:37 - Building and Having A Sense of Community

54:38 - Mauna Kea Protests; Cultural Fit


Rein: If we want to organize successfully in our communities, shared culture and deep connection of people enables solidarity.

Amy: Look back through history for examples of groups of people sharing skills and industry knowledge.

Keoni: Go to and experience Mauna Kea if you have the chance. Also, connecting to community. What enables to do the right thing? What is the right thing? Do the right thing.

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