Keoni Mahelona

Special guest

Keoni Mahelona is a Native Hawaiian born and raised on the island of Kauaʻi (where Mr. Zuckerburg forced the sale of ancestral land). He went to Olin College of Engineering, worked on driverless cars back in the DARPA urban challenge days with MIT, went to New Zealand on a Fulbright and met his partner of nearly 10 years. He is Māori. Over the past 4 years he has been working for an indigenous media organisation and applying his technical background to an industry ripe for disruption.

Recently, they've built the first te reo Māori speech recognition and speech synthesis. The tech exists for this - so the key challenge for them was acquiring and managing the data with indigenous intelligence. They are working on a new indigenous license called the Kaitiakitanga License for data and IP - it's kinda like affirmative action for open source and data. In his free time he aspires to be an Ironman - He’s about half way there.

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