154: Filtering Your Brain with Ambreen Hasan

October 30th, 2019 · 44 mins 46 secs

About this Episode

01:12 - Ambreen’s Non-Technical Superpower: She is Very Good at Zoning People Out

  • Learning necessary information from conversations

03:20 - Ambreen’s Technical Superpower: Any Challenge She is Given She Will Try to Just Do It

  • Comfort with Uncertainty

06:03 - Fixed Mindset vs. Growth Mindset

  • It’s OK to Not Know Everything
  • Using Resources to Your Advantage

08:40 - Ambreen’s Hobbies Outside of Software

10:10 - Thinking About Things in a Molecular Way

  • Taking Chunks at a Time When Learning Something New
  • Breaking Down Big Concepts into Small Things You Can Learn
  • Being Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

13:45 - Ambreen’s Journey to Software Engineering

  • C++
  • Turning a Love Into a Career
  • Ruby, Rails, Go, Docker

20:30 - Self-Advocating for New Work Experience

22:00 - Empathy in Engineering


John: Intentionally recognizing uncomfortable learning situations and be okay with it.

Jacob: Your emotional state does matter at work and we as professionals need to recognize that this has relevance to one’s ability to do work.

Arty: It is important to help others to be able to come out of their comfort zone and be ok with not knowing everything.

Ambreen: Likes Jacob’s idea of being productively lost, but there is progress being made. There are many different styles of learning.

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