153: Your Favorite Philosopher Is You with Mannah Kallon

October 23rd, 2019 · 40 mins 46 secs

About this Episode

01:16 - Mannah’s Superpower: He is Comfortable in His Own Skin

  • Being Yourself

02:17 - Assessing Identity and Evaluating Sense of Self in New Culture

  • What a Philosopher is

03:42 - Quoting Beyoncé and Using the B Word

  • Who Takes Offense?
  • Is Everyone Given the Same Consideration?

06:25 - Moments of Self Doubt When Someone Doesn’t Believe You

09:14 - Empathy

  • Who is Your Favorite Philosopher
  • Having the Ability to Consider and Alternative Viewpoint

11:22 - Retaliation is a Thing

16:33 - How to Deal With Coming Across a Viewpoint You Don’t Think Has Merit

  • It is Healthy to Have a Level of Empathy for Your Enemies
  • Assigning Value to Situations

18:56 - The Supreme Court Voting on Protections

23:23 - Origins of Thoughts and Root Causes

28:57 - Recognizing Privilege

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