120: Expect The Unexpected with Andy Hunt

March 6th, 2019 · 1 hr 7 mins

About this Episode

01:55 - Andy’s Superpower: Explaining blindingly obvious things to people that they don’t see.

The Boiled Frog

08:13 - Iterative Development and Continuous Learning: Becoming Comfortable with Uncertainty

14:23 - Doing Things Differently

The Black Swan Theory

20:41 - Writing and Timeboxing


Conglommora Found (Sequel)

Feedback, Context, and Learning

27:39 - Why should continuous be the goal?

34:24 - Adaptability

39:28 - Making Groups More Effective

45:13 - Andy’s Software Development Journey


Janelle: Shifting from a place of complaining about the constraints of the world, to figuring out strategies for solving these problems and figuring out templates for alternatives: Setting up alternative markets and economic systems that can support alternative ways of working.

Jessica: We can’t predict the future. We can’t know everything. We can’t give an accurate estimate of a number. But we can know something: we can know propensities to some degree, we can estimate in a range, and then we can choose whether to spend time researching to narrow that range.

Avdi: The importance of slack time in teams and organizations.

Andy: Experimentation. Learning. Context. Feedback. Rinse and repeat.

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