061: Destruction-Focused Development with Safia Abdalla

January 3rd, 2018 · 53 mins 57 secs

About this Episode

00:53 – Safia’s Superpower: Sight

03:04 – Learning Languages — Both Human and Programming

The Sapir Whorf Hypothesis

07:56 – Being Empathetic in an International Perspective and Building Universal and Approachable Tech

11:19 – What does success look like for minorities in the Silicon Valley monoculture?; Being Tokenized

Admiral Grace Hopper

21:59 – Accepting Speaking Engagements Because of Who You Are (i.e. as a woman, minority, etc.)

24:07 – Writing Things Down to Balance Prioritizing Decisions

30:46 – Defining “Happy” and Always Feeling the Need to Do More

37:02 – Destruction-Focused Development

Destruction-Focused Development: write it, delete it, repeat.

"I don't become obsessed with the code.
I think it's more important to be obsessed with the problem."

@captainsafia on @greaterthancode.

43:58 – Safia’s Early Coding “Shenanigans”


Coraline: Being thoughtful about planning finite energy and labor. Also being content vs being happy.

"I often feel like I don't do enough and I haven't defined what 'enough' is."

@CoralineAda on @greaterthancode

Jasmine: Exploring feelings about being represented at events.

Jessica: Broadening perspectives that most of us were born into.

Safia: Talking about the Silicon Valley monoculture, being content vs happy, and tokenism.

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