Jasmine Greenaway

Co-Host of Greater Than Code

Jasmine has been working professionally as a .NET dev since late 2009. This has led her to some amazing opportunities such as getting credited in a AAA quality game, traveling the world, and getting the chance to use Visual Studio's extensibility framework in an open source environment. She's living the hipster dream in Brooklyn, NY, the place to get "small, artisanal" batches of goods, and where the kale flows in abundance.

She is also teach beginning web development as an adjunct professor at a local community college, and co-organize BrooklynJS - a monthly meetup with lightning talks and musical guests. Outside of work, she enjoys taking various classes she finds from Groupon, playing video or board games, exploring the city, and also enjoy sampling wines, oysters, or teas.

Jasmine Greenaway has hosted two Episodes.