160: Thermodynamics of the Twitterverse

December 11th, 2019 · 42 mins 15 secs

About this Episode

01:50 - Getting Sucked into Twitter Vortexes

03:06 - Dynamics of Human Emotion

05:36 - Creating Safe Spaces for Emotionally Charged Conversations

07:57 - Radical Inclusion

  • Shared Conversation About Humanity

09:49 - Overidentification/Over Attachment to Tribalism

  • Race and Ethnicity are Socially Constructed (yes!)

12:15 - Digital Activism

  • Retweeting What We Agree With, Not What We Disagree With (How it’s Taken)
  • Encouraging Good Faith Disagreements

15:22 - Tribal Dynamics

16:45 - People From Oppressed Groups Have the Right to Rage

  • Being an Advocate
  • Making Space

24:30 - The Changing Frequencies of People

26:58 - Call-Out Culture

  • Calling In
  • Invisibilia
  • Wanting to See People Make Right/Not Shunning Them

32:20 - We Are All Human!


Arty: How much our connectivity is an opportunity to see our diversity and the strength and power and creative coolness of one another and if we can come together in shared space, what is the vision we can craft together.

Chanté: Synchronicity and thinking about the way things happen. Glad to have this conversation.

Jacob: How to make a community of people that can have difficult conversations, certain boundaries need to be respected.

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