186: The Universe Makes it Happen with Emily Gorcenski

June 10th, 2020 · 1 hr 5 mins

About this Episode

Emily has been on GTC before! Check out her previous episode: 037: Failure Mode

01:08 - Emily’s Superpower: Hunting Nazis and Data Science

  • Emily’s Motivation to Do This Work – Fighting Back
  • What is the question behind the question?
  • Data Science + SCIENCE

14:55 - Being Willing to Be Wrong / Failure and Learning

  • Methods for Determining You’re Going to be Tracking Wrong Things
  • Simpson’s Paradox
  • Means Are a Lie
  • Detecting Nonlinearities

34:49 - Cybernetics

38:43 - The COVID-19 Pandemic Crisis and The Need For Systematic Restructuring

47:16 - Nuance, Power, and Authority

  • High-Reliability Organizations
  • Devolution
  • The Difference Between:
    • Innovation
    • A Work-Around
    • A Shortcut
    • A Non-Compliant
  • Deciphering Good Actors & Bad Actors

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