187: Seeing The World with Bryan Liles

June 17th, 2020 · 47 mins 56 secs

About this Episode

01:50 - Bryan’s Superpower: The ability to see the world as it is

06:52 - Conference Circuits / Virtual Conferencing

17:44 - Working Remotely During Quarantine

  • Productivity
  • Depression
  • Find a Piece of Life That Makes You Happy

23:48 - The Premise of Being Greater Than Code

  • We Are Not Our Code

26:24 - Fighting/Overcoming Meritocracy

  • Be the Smartest Person in the Room
  • Sharing Ideas
  • Building a Supportive Community Around Yourself

“I'm not underrepresented anymore. Y'all are over-represented. Not going to use a negative to describe my existence. I'm Bryan, and I'm supposed to be here.” – Bryan Liles via Twitter

  • If you believe in meritocracy, you believe in white supremacy.

34:50 - How People Work and View the World

  • Writing Things Down
  • Be Ready to Perform
  • Cockiness vs Confidence: Celebrating Success
  • Humans are Inconsistent: People Are NOT Perfect

42:41 - Finding Power in Something Else

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