063: The Distribution of Brilliance and Opportunity with Rehema Wachira

January 17th, 2018 · 1 hr 57 secs

About this Episode

01:22 – Rehema’s Superpower: Empathy

02:53 – Rehema’s “Untypical” Origin Story

07:20 – Enjoying Coding Because of the Complexity Behind It

11:21 – Creating a “Culture of Saving”

14:52 – “Diversity of Thought” and Seeing the World Through Others’ Eyes

22:20 – Being Creators and Makers

Indie Hackers

30:28 – How Technology Empowers People

38:27 – The Distribution of Brilliance and Opportunity

47:01 – Freedom of Creative Expression


Astrid: Having to unlearn the need of being perfect.

Jessica: We want to speak to more guests on a global level! Please reach out!

Sam: Fixed vs growth mindset.

Rein: Diversity is not just good for ethical reasons, it also makes your organization more competent.

Janelle: Celebrating beautiful.

Rehema: A fundamental right to freedom.

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