189: Succeeding in Science with Deborah Berebichez

July 1st, 2020 · 1 hr 10 mins

About this Episode

01:13 - Debbie’s Superpower: Having an excellent memory and a detailed-oriented brain

03:23 - Teaching Science in Fun Ways

05:49 - Understanding Data & Data Literacy

15:16 - Negative Results Are Important (Failure)

29:20 - Human Performance is Contextual – Science can be exclusionary

34:27 - Debbie’s Inspiration to Become a Scientist

  • Your Story Is Your Power: Free Your Feminine Voice

41:17 - Debbie’s TV Career

50:29 - Finding Ways to Solve Complex Concepts

  • Go Back to the Basics
  • Using Code is For Solving Problems; Critical Thinking
  • Taking a Holistic View


Rein: Gordon Pask’s Conversation Theory

Arty: Teaching the how and teaching the why.

Astrid: Perseverance and authenticity: Being yourself and allowing yourself to evolve.

Debbie: This podcast was much different from being a guest on other podcasts.

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