217: Robots As "Social Entities" with Laura Major

January 13th, 2021 · 50 mins 40 secs

About this Episode

02:05 - Laura’s Superpower: Problem Solving

04:07 - What to Expect When You’re Expecting Robots

06:59 - The Human/Robot Partnership

  • Robot Personification
  • Positives and Negatives
  • Robots Will Never Be Perfect
  • Making Our World “Robot Compatible”

14:34 - Human Behavior Towards Robots; Vice-Versa

20:38 - Robots as “Social Entities”

  • Safety Transcending Competition
  • Contextualization
    • Observable
    • Predictable
    • Directable

24:43 - How Media Affects The Way People View Robots

  • Science-Fiction Expectations

26:39 - How Humans Can “Update” Themselves: Experiencing Robotics

  • Direct Exposure

28:23 - Robots as “Social Entities” (Cont’d)

39:52 - Will and, if so, when will autonomous cars become the standard?


John: What is the right level of empathy for social entities?

Jamey: Being in the process of consciously creating new social norms and thinking more thoroughly about who you could be hurting with your actions.

Push, the talking trash can, makes his final appearance after 19 years at Walt Disney World

Casey: Treating certain social entities in different ways; i.e. a Roomba and a dishwasher. And, the way you have to think about who is outside autonomous cars: not just the passengers. Also, we should be on the lookout for robotaxis!

Laura: Not wanting robots in the future to look too much like people.

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