113: Privilege as Legacy Code with Amr

January 16th, 2019 · 46 mins 11 secs

About this Episode

Amr Abdelwahab - An empathy exercise: contextualising the question of privilege (EuRuKo 2018 Video)

01:53 – Amr’s Superpower: Seeing the bigger picture.

04:24 – It’s Not Just Code

11:18 – Privilege

17:37 – Strategies For People with Privilege Who Are Open to Learning

22:57 – Why Diversity Matters and Avoiding Burnout

27:24 – Biases, Allyship, and Calling Out Others

Implicit Bias Test


John: The metaphor of sexism and racism and cultural baggage being legacy code.

Christina: Listen and learn. Also, pushing organizations to contribute to bigger things, but making sure they understand why they are doing it, and not doing it blindly.

Coraline: We are currently living in an “unnatural state”. Equality is the natural state and we need to return to that.

Amr: The ability to have a politics-free life is a privilege of its own.

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