Episode 002: Neutralizing Imposter Syndrome with Avdi Grimm

October 6th, 2016 · 54 mins 59 secs

About this Episode

00:16 – Welcome to “The Meta Four!” …we mean, “Greater Than Code!”

01:30 – Chef Avdi Grimm’s Introduction

02:19 – RubyTapas; Production, Typing, and Editing

10:52 – Real World Programming: Episode #346: User; LiveCoding.tv

12:24 – Neutralizing Impostor Syndrome

13:32 – Break time and getting to know our new panelist, Astrid Countee!

24:15 – Neutralizing Imposter Syndrome (Cont’d)

25:42 – Live Coding

28:29 – What non-Ruby technologies have you been exploring lately? ~ Darin Wilson

29:05 – PHP

35:56 – Should a screencast series like RubyTapas also go beyond code? Talk about topics like dealing with frustration when programming, for example?
~Lucas Dohman

“Programming can be an incredibly judgmental culture and environments can be really poisonous.” ~ Avdi Grimm


Sam: You can use your ego and your attachment to the code, but make it not about yourself. Instead, try to focus on what your code is bringing to other people and maybe that can help you try to figure out how to make it better without getting stuck.

Coraline: We got to see a glimpse into the whole person behind a persona. Even heroes are people with vulnerability, human flaws, anxieties, and weaknesses.

Astrid: Bring your whole self to everything.

Jessica: What we show matters.

Jay: Don’t be too quick to compare yourself to others.

David: Put your ideas out there and get them in front of other people. That is how you manufacture authority.

Avdi: Hidden Figures

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