148: Floober and Cognitive Outsourcing with Jacob Stoebel

September 18th, 2019 · 58 mins 43 secs

About this Episode

00:43 - Jacob’s Superpower: Being Obsessive Re: Specificity; Allergic to Ambiguity on Teams

02:09 - Talking About Neurodiversity in Workspaces

  • Self-diagnosis
  • “Masking”
  • Jacob’s Background and Intro to Software Development

13:49 - Driving Desire to Learn About Things

22:04 - Automating Boring Work

  • Personal Automation
  • Cognitive Outsourcing

34:41 - “Floober Feature”

36:07 - Passing On Strategies and Data Organization


47:37 - Storycrafting and Succession Planning


Jessica: Consult a human when you don’t know, but often from the context of what directory you’re in and what branch you’re on the computer CAN figure it out.

Chanté: Sociotechnical systems and thinking about personal automation.

Jacob: What can I do to better organize to be a positive legacy?

Arty: What are the ingredients to light your spark and your fire about software?

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